Northwest NEWS

January 22,2001


Police Beat

Jan. 11: A family member allegedly stole a safe containing guns from a Woodinville residence. The suspect and a friend emptied the contents of the safe in the friend's car and dumped the safe in the woods around Cottage Lake. The safe and guns were recovered, and charges were filed.
   Jan. 11: A vehicle was reported stolen from a repair shop parking lot.
   Shop owners and vehicle owner thought the other had the car and only reported the theft to police when the two communicated.
   Jan. 12: An indoor soccer match turned into a kicking, shoving, insult-slinging meleé between two co-ed soccer teams. Police questioned several team members but no charges were filed.
   Jan. 14: A vandalism suspect smashed two headlights, several places in the windshield, and slashed all four tires on a vehicle. Residents heard and saw the suspect, but could not get to the vehicle and suspect in time to make an identification.
   Jan. 14: The supposed "nurse" suspect again phoned in a forged prescription to a local pharmacy.
   Pharmacy employees were alerted by the large recommended dosage the "nurse" phoned in.
   The physician was contacted and denied prescribing the pain medication.The phony patient arrived to collect her prescription, got nervous and left after about 30 seconds. Police are following leads in the case.
   Jan. 14: An employee who was transporting merchandise from a warehouse to a retail store admitted he failed to unload a wake board from the inventory.
   The suspect led the police to where he had stashed the board. Inventory checks found the discrepancy. The store owner chose not to prosecute.
   Jan. 16: An unknown suspect broke out a driver's side window and attempted to steal a car stereo, rummaged through the glovebox, and stole CDs in the NE 171st and 142nd area of Woodinville.
   Jan. 16: Again an unknown suspect broke out a driver's side window and stole a stereo out of a vehicle in the 140th Ave. NE area.
   Jan. 16: A car prowler set off a car alarm in a retail parking lot that alerted a nightshift employee of a possible theft. The passenger side window was smashed, and the thief left a socket driver with an extension attached inside the vehicle.
   Prints were entered into evidence.