Northwest NEWS

January 22,2001

Front Page

Blood at crime scene may hold clues to Woodinville homicide

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Reporter
   The brutal attack that ended the life of forty-year-old real estate agent Mike Emert on Jan. 4 took place in the upstairs exercise room of a Woodinville home in the 19500 block of 157th Place Northeast. Emert was thought to have been showing the home to a client at the time of the incident.
   A medical report reveals that the deceased was stabbed in excess of 20 times yet no murder weapon has been identified.
   Apparently the victim's body was dragged to a bathroom from the exercise room and hoisted into the bathtub. The deceased was fully clothed except for his shoes, which remained in the exercise room. Tap water was running from both the tub and sink faucets when the body was discovered by the owner of the home. The owner did not know the slain man.
   Blood evidence found at the scene may implicate the murderer. Though according to King County Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart, DNA tests necessary to cinch the implication "will take weeks, if not months" to process. In the meantime, police continue to investigate.
   The victim's wallet, taken from the murder scene, was found within 24 hours of the homicide. Police say it was discovered at a pay phone within the Colman Ferry Dock complex, but what police aren't saying is where they found Emert's cellular phone, also taken from the crime scene. Numerous calls using this phone were placed after the Jan. 4 murder.
   Authorities continue to search cell phone records for clues leading to a suspect.
   The real estate agent's watch and wedding ring, noted missing at the crime scene, have not been found. His Cadillac SUV was found in a parking lot at Kirkland Parkplace, a known hangout of the "person of interest."
   The deceased man's wife indicated to police that her husband felt uneasy about meeting a client named Steven, whom the victim referred to as a "weird dude." She said her husband mentioned that the man was in his 50s and walked with a limp, using a cane.
   Sheriff's detectives believe Emert met the man on Jan. 3 and made arrangements to show him the Woodinville home the following day. They also believe the name "Steven" may be false.
   Jeffrey John Solo, 62, who does walk with a limp and uses a cane, remains a person of interest.
   Officials have questioned him and have conducted a search of his Seattle apartment. Hair and blood samples were taken. No information about the search is being released at this time.
   Police will continue to investigate Solo and follow up on other leads. Community members who may have information about the murder are encouraged to call King County Sheriff's Office at (206) 296-3311 or 911.