Northwest NEWS

January 29,2001


Who's really perpetuating the "rift"?

I would like to thank the author who wrote the Jan. 15 letter, "Why many voted no. . ." The letter provided me with an insight into what really is the negative issue with passing an athletic facilities bond for Cedarcrest High School. Unfortunately, it's the old "us vs. them" that ensued when the site for the new school ended up in Duvall instead of remaining in Carnation. It's amazing to me this sentiment still has a life and that people would allow it to affect how they vote, but it is very obvious that the author's message, the "rift" still lingers. Maybe the thing to do is split the district and give "them" Carnation Elementary and Tolt so "them" can live in whatever decade they choose, and "us" can move on and look to the future.
   However, in my opinion, the best way to deal with this sentiment is to realize that decisions have been made, the high school is where it is, and it is "we," the residents of Riverview School District, that reside here. Future bond attempts for athletic facilities should have to deal only with what is needed for CHS and the district, and not have to take into account mending old rifts. People voting no because of dated grudges, are denying all the students of this district facilities that clearly are needed.
   As for the school bond itself, I think the reasons are very obvious why these facilities need to be at CHS, besides I think Tolt would like to eventually have its own athletic identity, and having the high school facilities there would never allow that to happen. [This bond will come up again, and these facilities will eventually be at CHS. It's just a matter of how many more classes of students will have to endure the "rift" before that happens.]
   Greg Jackson, Duvall