Northwest NEWS

January 29,2001


Dear Cedarcrest students, faculty, administrators and committee members,

We owe a huge debt of gratitude for the letter published Jan.15. The letter clearly shows why it has been so difficult to pass bonds and levies in this community. I consider these people NNNE (Not Now, Not Ever).
   NNNE, without a doubt, have not forgiven the Riverview School District for placing the High School in Duvall. Therefore they will never vote "yes" for an athletic field at the Duvall Site. It does not matter to them that the number of students in this district has doubled and that we need two athletic facilities, one for the middle school and one for the high school. It does not matter to them that the best way to improve Miller Field in Carnation is to stop cramming 1,400 students into one facility. It does not matter to them that the 700 students who attend the high school every day do not have any outdoor P.E. facilities and no matter how much we try to improve Tolt, it is still too far away to hold classes at. It does not matter to them that athletics at Tolt are severely limited because there is not enough space at the Tolt site to have both high school and middle school athletics. Contrary to the letter writer, and those in this District who think like her, I am confident that nothing will change their minds, nothing has yet.
   I have been proud to chair the Bond and Levy Committee for the last two elections, and have spend countless hours providing information about the overuse of current facilities to any and all groups and organizations in the Valley, so that we all understand, that when in comes to athletic fields, we are out of room at Tolt. I have tried to explain to supporters of our schools that there is a large group of people who think just like the letter writer and will never change their minds. It upsets NNNEs that Carnation students must go to Duvall for high school but not that Duvall residents must go to Carnation for middle school. It is perfectly reasonable in their mind to bemoan the fact that their beloved high school is now a middle school, while denying past and current students of Cedarcrest any sense of pride in their own school. Our current facilities make us the laughing stock of the Kingco leagues. But that is OK with them, because the roads are not up to snuff. Well whoop-de-doo! Find me a road in King County that is up to snuff! With our county government only building 47 miles of road in 10 years I am sure that upgrading Batten Road is the first thing on their agenda! Don't think that hosting events in Carnation is a cure-all either, cars clog both sides of the streets and pedestrians come out of nowhere to cross the dark state highway, at least Cedarcrest is located where there is no through traffic.
   So I am grateful to the letter writer for showing this community what school supporters are up against when the Athletic Fields Bond goes on the ballot again. I will be out there pounding the pavement, and I will need everyone's help! It is not enough to say "I am sure it will pass this time" as an excuse not to be active in the campaign. We can never assume that we don't have to vote, we don't have to knock on doors, we don't have to write letters to the paper, we don't have to help pay for the campaign. We do, we all do or Cedarcrest will never be complete. We lost the last election because we were 29 votes short of the 60 percent supermajority needed to pass the bond. If you are as angry as I am then I look forward to working with you on the next election. I refuse to let someone who lives in the past, ruin the future of our kids.
   Kate Miller, Carnation