Northwest NEWS

January 29,2001


Duvall and Carnation need to pull together

I am amazed, confused and somewhat embarrassed that I live in a community where people are constantly looking for more ways to keep Carnation and Duvall separated rather than finding ways of helping them pull together. I do not consider myself merely a resident of "Duvall." I live on the border between Duvall and Carnation and consider both my home.
   I applaud the proposal to rebuild Howard Miller Field and think it deserves research. Would the letter writer be willing to take this project on?
   Perhaps this would help those folks who cannot let go of their past and move on. Our high school days are long over. The high school days of our youth is what we need to focus on, not whether there is a place for returning Tolt graduates to have a homecoming. Tolt is still there! If there is such a strong desire to have a place for the former Tolt graduates, perhaps they should begin to help plan, coordinate and pay for the homecoming activities as they are always in need of support.
   I would go so far as to say the involvement of this community in these matters is, to say the least, poor.Time and time again it is the same parents and individuals who make things happen in this valley. Whether it be for sports, art, educational needs, etc. I am amazed when a parent says they are too busy to make 12 sandwiches to give to the players after an away game or that they are too busy to help with fundraisers.
   Are we not all busy? The determining factor is where our priorities lie, with the children who are the future or in remembering when.
   Whether or not the school district erased the memory of 75 classes is a moot point. You cannot erase something if you don't want it to be. We are a Triple A school and have less than Double A facilities.
   This is what we need to focus on. Why did we build a new high school without these facilities? Why did we move up to 3A standing a few years ago to compete in leagues who out number our student body two to one? Our high school band is great under the direction of Mr. Lewis and performs well. But when you put them up against a school like Mercer Island whose marching band is three blocks long, there is no competition.
   It is time we stop saying no to our children and be the adults here and end this so called "rift." How can we look at the children and young adults in this community and show them the example of working through our differences rather than continue to promote them?
   Margaret T. Gallagher, Duvall and Carnation