Northwest NEWS

January 29,2001


Public comment is vitally important

King County's amendments to its comprehensive plan and land use regulations will be up for adoption by the full council at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 5. Public comment is needed on vitally important, unpublicized issues such as: Allowing apartments in all unincorporated urban residential zones. Forbidding home building on individual rural lots if, among other items, road concurrency and road standards cannot be met. Allowing high density in certain rural zones by transferring density credits from other rural areas.Forcing landowners with equestrian trails to permanently dedicate those trails, if a land division is sought, not just for equestrians but also hikers and cyclists. Allowing the county to forever dictate use - whether it be open space or farm or forest - of the open space tracts resulting from rural cluster development, with no provision for switching should desires and conditions change down the line. Allowing only stingy amounts of the huge open space tracts resulting from 4-to-1 program projects to be used for active recreation. Mandating that those who "disturb" the soil surface by clearing or grading must till into the soil county-prescribed ingredients that may include county-waste biosolids. Discouraging/eliminating our already-limited rural burning of storm debris, despite our meeting the stiffest air standards with current state-approved burning bans.
   Of course there are all the publicized items such as downzoning and building a home in a forest up for adoption on the 5th as well. Be there for your two minutes' worth of comment.
   Maxine Keesling, Woodinville