Northwest NEWS

January 29, 2001


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Police seek help with murder

* The four-week-long investigation into the puzzling Jan. 4 murder of Mike Emert, the Eastside real estate agent slain while presumably showing a home in Woodinville, moves forward.
   Jeffrey John Solo, a focus of the investigation from the beginning, remains a person of interest.

When the splashing was loud

*The sound of splashing was so loud it kept Woodinville resident Greg Stephens awake at night.

Civic Center Master Plan goes on the road

*If you happen to be in Albertson's or Top Foods or a number of other local businesses within the next month, you may come across a display regarding the City of Woodinville's proposed master plan for a downtown civic center.

Tia! teddy bears and tea

*Tia!, an award-winning recording artist, speaks with a light bounce to her voice like colored balloons floating in the breeze on a summer morning.