Northwest NEWS

January 29,2001

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Scholarship winner Nicole Morck at Eastern

by Tove Burhen
   Nicole Morck, a 2000 graduate of Cedarcrest High School, now attends Eastern Washington University.
   With a major in business administration and a minor in music, she is busy studying, keeping excellent grades in English, algebra, human geography and personal finance.
   She agreed that the norm for study outside of class time, two hours per class, has turned out to be the necessary time for success.
   "I love it here," said Nicole. "The school is small, with classes of about 25 students. There are workshops and clinics to help with difficult studies and personal attention. I had my personal finance class from the president's wife and the class was invited to her house for refreshments.
   "Also, dorm life is great, especially on my floor where all 24 people are friends. We go ice skating, to hockey games and just last night we made a snowman. Two other Cedarcrest classmates are here, too čKolby Korshaven and Josh Trick, who I've known since childhood."
   Nicole had visited Eastern with her high school honor choir. Now she has enrolled in the symphonic choir. Music, her minor, is a major part of her life.
   Business administration, with an emphasis on international business, is her major with a goal to be an administrator in a global company. She definitely wants to travel. So far, her foreign travel has been a mission with her church youth group to Juarez, Mexico.
   "The slums there were in terrible condition, but the experience was inspiring," she said. "I loved the culture and we were glad to help. I learned to mix concrete and we made a road. This experience with those people helped me more than I helped them."
   In spite of a sometimes painful heart condition for which she had surgery, Nicole is enjoying her life as a student and she thanks her parents for encouraging her and helping her to start her college career at Eastern.
   Nicole was a recipient of the Cedarcrest High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association's scholarship award at graduation last June. The money has helped with tuition and she was happy to be recognized by the PTSA.
   This PTSA, as are other PTSA's in the district, is a part of the United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation which raises money for local scholarships and encourages groups, businesses and individuals to form an award. Anyone wishing to form a new award or to donate to the foundation is urged to contact Anthony Smith, CHS counselor and foundation president, at (425) 788-0287, or past president Tove Burhen at (425) 788-1266.