Northwest NEWS

February 5,2001


Pay attention to the effects of music on children

I am thirteen years old, and I have watched girls my age and younger fall under the influence of stars like Britney Spears. Spears is relatively young and she holds herself as a sex object. Her Jive Records debut, "Hit Me Baby One More Time," is basically stating that she wants sex. She is teaching young girls that sex is a great thing to just go out and do whenever you feel like it. She and other entertainers, such as Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilara, and Jennifer Lopez all are showing that they and other women are sex objects and they teach young children to act in such a manner. As a mild example, I have heard my 10-year-old sister singing "Hit me baby one more time" without really understanding the meaning of the phrase. Spears stands with her legs so far apart, her bust protruding suggestively, and her hips thrust out invitingly. And she has sexy apparel, with her leather jeans hanging low and her top rarely below her navel. It is important to pay attention to what music you spend your money on, and what effect it will have on your children and the women of tomorrow.
   Emi Brown, Woodinville