Northwest NEWS

February 5,2001


There is no substitute for good service

I had a unique experience the other day at a local business that left me feeling good and would like to take a moment to recognize Pasta Nova for extraordinary service. I stopped in for the first time to have lunch with 3 longtime clients of ours visiting from Japan. We were patiently waited on as the fellow answered questions about the wide selection of pastas and sauces each with unfamiliar names other than "spaghetti" which they knew. A short time later he stopped by to check how things were going and if we needed anything else. My guest asked for some Tabasco sauce and it turned out that none was available.Our server quickly returned with some red pepper and then he exited out the front door. Moments later he returned and discreetly placed a new bottle of Tabasco on our table. I presume he ran around the corner to Albertson's to purchase the requested item. My guests were duly impressed by the effort made to accommodate them. I would like to thank the owner and staff at Pasta Nova for their simple and un-assuming effort to make our experience complete and deliver a message they know quite well: "There is no substitute for good service."
   Chuck Eike, Woodinville