Northwest NEWS

February 5,2001


High school students have no place to call home

I thank the many, many members of our Valley communities for their efforts and their votes in trying to provide our students, youth and families with an athletic complex that would instill pride and be enjoyed by all. To those that have been opposed, and you are rightfully entitled to do so and I respect that right, I simply ask that you reconsider and join the movement towards creating this facility. I am asking everyone in our collective communities to come together, participate and pursue in earnest this very worthwhile endeavor. My greatest concern is that regardless of argument, reasoning, location, history or funding our high school's young adults do not have an athletic complex to call "home." How difficult it must be for them to pursue their goals, aspirations and, yes, dreams without the appropriate venue to do so. I graduated from a local high school and from graduation to this day I have not been to a homecoming game or other event there. Although I may well have.
   To the students of Cedarcrest, I apologize. I apologize for not having the foresight to show my committment and support sooner. I don't consider it fair that you work so hard at meeting your athletic goals, goals that bring and deserve great community pride, and that I haven't done more to support you. I took for granted that since I had baseball, football, track and soccer fields when I was in high school that this issue would not be so difficult. Please remember though, that there should be no blame cast upon anyone for their opinions against this issue, rather, trust that a courteous request for their support should be equally respected. At this time I can only speak for myself but I know to be fact that you have many, many supporters just like me, my family and friends that want you to join us as a community to get this done. I, and many like me, feel it is well past time for you to have access to those fields. You are inundated with requests asking you to "just do it."
   Rick Harris, Duvall