Northwest NEWS

February 5,2001


Neither transportation nor taxes are state's most pressing issues

In my opinion, Rep. Kathy Lambert is wrong when she calls transportation "the state's most pressing issue." ("Locke budget is trouble for taxpayers," 1/24/01) Providing "tax relief" is not the second most pressing issue in our state.
   The most pressing issue in our state is that some of our neighbors are going to bed each night hungry and others are without decent housing to go to bed in.
   Yes, I hate being stuck in traffic. But when I'm stuck in traffic, I remind myself (at least most of the time) that I have a car to drive and that it would probably be better for the long-term health of our community and environment if we would get out of our cars and into buses and trains.
   Paying taxes is an honor in our country. It is through our combined money and the structure of our governments that we are able to care for our neighbors, protect the vulnerable, and educate all our children.
   Traffic/transportation may be the most consistently annoying issue in our state, but it is hardly the most pressing.
   The Rev. Jeffrey S. Spencer, Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ, Carnation