Northwest NEWS

February 5, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Pay attention to the effects of music on children

*I am thirteen years old, and I have watched girls my age and younger fall under the influence of stars like Britney Spears. Spears is relatively young and she holds herself as a sex object

Taxpayers should not have to pay for road improvement,

* This letter is in response to the Jan. 10 public information document concerning the Novelty Hill Road Project.

There is no substitute for good service

*I had a unique experience the other day at a local business that left me feeling good and would like to take a moment to recognize Pasta Nova for extraordinary service.

Sadness and bitterness need to be put behind voters

*This is in response to the Jan. 15 letter to the editor on why many vote NO on Riverview School District athletic fields. The writer believes that the fields proposed would only serve to "further divide the communities of Carnation and Duvall." We believe just the opposite, that the failure of the fields is what is dividing our two communities.

High school students have no place to call home

*I thank the many, many members of our Valley communities for their efforts and their votes in trying to provide our students, youth and families with an athletic complex that would instill pride and be enjoyed by all:.

Neither transportation nor taxes are state's most pressing issues

*In my opinion, Rep. Kathy Lambert is wrong when she calls transportation "the state's most pressing issue."

Food bank appreciated holiday kindness

*The Maltby Food Bank clients had a wonderful Christmas. We were blessed with love and caring from our network of friends:.

Poor people will be shielded from high power costs, what about retirees?

*Whenever I've read about electrical power sources, it's been about the water power dams built with tax payers' money.

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