Northwest NEWS

February 5,2001


Police Beat

Jan. 18: Unknown suspects broke beer bottles in an apartment cabana. The suspects entered through a south recreation room window left open to cool tenants after working out. The suspects broke beer bottles on the walls and in the hot tub. Prints were lifted.
   Jan. 19: A female suspected of numerous forged pain medications prescriptions was taken into custody and booked into King County jail for prohibited acts/prescription forgery. Police were tipped off by a local pharmacist who was alerted by the large amount of medication asked for, phoned the doctor's office and alerted the police the suspect would be in to pick up the prescription. Police nabbed "the nurse" when she came in to pick up the drugs.
   Jan. 20: Unknown suspects damaged a pick up truck in the 140th NE and 181st Pl. area of Woodinville. The driver's side window, the passenger side windows, and two rear slider windows were smashed out. Both taillights and headlights were smashed and the windshield had four holes in it. All four tires were slashed, the steering column was ripped out and the dash was damaged.
   Jan. 20: A night of drinking left one "buddy" with tire treads on his shirt and pants. Seems the victim was getting a ride home with his friend when his friend pushed him out of the vehicle and ran over the victim's right arm and hip area.
   Police got the suspect's cell phone number and called, but got voice mail. Neither the victim or suspect could remember many details of the incident, and the victim was treated at a local hospital and released.
   Jan. 22: After drinking a $.99 Sunny Delight and putting the empty container on a shelf, and pocketing a $1.29 disposable lighter at an area store, a suspect was detained by store security. Police found the suspect had no wallet or money with him.
   Jan. 23: A female would not leave an area store during the night after repeatedly being asked to leave by store employees. The suspect was said to be walking around the store for a prolonged period of time.
   When police arrived and asked the woman to leave, she again would not comply, so police informed the suspect she would be arrested if she did not leave.
   The suspect said she would not leave, and she resisted arrest and began screaming when police took her into custody. The suspect was booked into KCJ and charged with criminal trespass first degree.
   Jan. 23: A box of jewelry was reported missing from a nightstand. The victim did not notice it missing for an undefined period of time. Nothing else appeared to be taken, and the victim could not be sure if she saw any evidence of forced entry over the past several weeks.
   Jan. 20: Suspects used a tool to force open a door lock and file drawer. The owner found the restroom and file cabinet open. Nothing was reported missing.