Northwest NEWS

February 5,2001


King County parks transferred to City of Kenmore

by Becky Nixon
   Staff Reporter
   KENMORE - It is expected that five King County parks will be transferred from the county to Kenmore this month. King County will continue maintenance of the parks through the transition period.
   Linwood Park, Moorlands Park, Kenmore (Rhododendron) Park, Tracy Owen Station (Log Boom) Park and Wallace/Swamp Creek Park will become part of Kenmore. The City has already been notified it will likely receive two state grants to fund improvements for the parks. The grants totaling $290,000 from the state Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation are intended to fund planning for the improvements up to the point of construction, at which time grant applications for the actual construction are anticipated.
   "We are very excited about the two project grants and completion over the next year of the City Parks Master Plan," said Bob Sokol, Director of Community Development for Kenmore.
   At Tracy Owen Park and Kenmore Park (State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Kenmore Boat Launch) the city will use the grant money to look at improving waterfront and boating access to Lake Washington. The Tracy Owen pier might also receive improvements including moorage for smaller boats and improvement for the pier's railings and lighting. The Kenmore boat launch could see a new two-lane boat launch, additional parking, improved circulation and restroom and picnic facilities. Over the next year the Parks Master Plan will include detailed plans for each of these parks in addition to an overall plan for new parks and recreational facilities for the community. For information, call Bob Sokol at (425) 398-8900, ext. 226.