Northwest NEWS

February 5,2001


Northshore students plant for the future

by John Markuson
   WOODINVILLE - Wilmot Gateway Park was host on Jan. 13 to 21 junior high students from Leota and Timbercrest, 25 second-graders and 25 fifth-graders from Wellington Elementary, and 50 sixth-graders from Sunrise Elementary. Over a 45-minute period, the students potted up 1,500 evergreen plugs in one-gallon pots.These were then placed one by one behind the poplar trees to the south of Wilmot.The fifth graders mentored the second graders. The junior high school students mentored and supervised all 100 elementary pupils. The trees from the Department of Natural Resources and the soil from McLendon's Hardware were both purchased at discounted rates, and Doug's Boats sent a forklift down to off-load the potting soil. Leota Junior High School students will be water stewards forthe trees over the next 8-10 months. The water is provided (free) by the Waterford Apartments management team. Next year (or perhaps next fall) they will be ready for transplanting along the Sammamish River or Little Bear Creek.