Northwest NEWS

February 12, 2001


Whoop-de-doo at Harborview

In the Jan. 29 issue of the Valley View, a writer said "Our current facilities make us the laughing stock of the Kingco leagues. But that is OK with them because the roads are not up to snuff. Well, Whoop-de-doo."
   Perhaps she doesn't understand the seriousness of this issue. My twin daughters almost died on their way to school in 1997 after hitting black ice on their way to Cedarcrest from Carnation. They had to be air-lifted to Harborview. The writer obviously doesn't know what it's like to stand and watch your children intubated and on life support, with broken bones and internal injuries, in comas. You stand and listen to doctors say things like "Touch and go" and "We've done all we can," and then come back and tell ME whoop-de-do about the roads! I know how important sports are; do you have any idea how heartbreaking it was for my daughters, who played varsity soccer, to be told they would never be able to play again?
   My children aren't the only ones who have had accidents on those roads, either. Other families have suffered through this nightmare, and not just in Carnation - in Duvall as well. This is a big concern for voters in theValley. Don't be so flippant about it. Both Carnation and Duvall should unite to get the roads improved.
   And by the way, parents, have you ever talked to your children about what it's like to ride the bus up Stillwater Hill on an icy morning?
   Nancy Hill, Carnation