Northwest NEWS

February 12, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Cedar is a grand tree, but unsuitable for first planting

*This letter is in regard to the article, "When the splashing was loud," published on Jan. 29.

Federal action needed to help state efforts through power crisis

*As our West Coast power situation worsens, I've announced an energy supply alert and issued executive orders designed to make sure we protect our air quality while we generate enough electricity.

Northshore student in India invites questions, comments

*My name is Sophia, and I was born and raised in Washington state.

Find the money somewhere else

*I am a 1985 graduate of Tolt High School. I believe there is another reason why the students at Cedarcrest don't have their athletic fields.

Whoop-de-doo at Harborview

*In the Jan. 29 issue of the Valley View, a writer said "Our current facilities make us the laughing stock of the Kingco leagues. But that is OK with them because the roads are not up to snuff. Well, Whoop-de-doo."

Communities need to unite

*Prompted by the genuine passion expressed in all the letters recently published on the issue surrounding the absence of adequate P.E. and athletic facilities at Cedarcrest High School, I feel compelled to acknowledge the contrasting emotions and views.

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