Northwest NEWS

February 12, 2001


Police Beat

Jan. 20: A suspect threatened a doorman at a local establishment. The bartender informed the doorman that a belligerent patron had just left the bar. The doorman observed the suspect get into his car, ram the car in front of him three times, leave no note, and proceed to tear around the parking lot until he stopped in front of the doorman. The suspect got out of his vehicle and reportedly threatened the doorman's life. The victim was nonconfrontational and the suspect left. The victim got the suspect's vehicle license number and is working with the police.
   Jan. 22: A suspect went to her ex-boyfriend's residence and refused to leave. The suspect left willingly when police arrived.
   Jan. 26: A juvenile female was arrested for driving without an issued driver's license and lying to a police officer about her name.
   Jan. 28: A suspect entered a local fast food restaurant and used two $20 counterfeit bills to pay for his food. The manager gathering the money for a deposit discovered the fraudulent bills. A short time later a female entered and tried to pay for her order with another counterfeit $20 bill, but the cashier refused and the suspect left. Police instructed the cashiers to call police and try to obtain a vehicle license number of the suspect's vehicle the next time something like that occurred.
   Jan. 29: A work van was reported missing from a Woodinville business. The thief riffled through one van, removing tools, and then stole another van filled with tools including a Skilsaw, a Makita drill and other hand tools.
   Jan. 29: A car with expired license tabs was pulled over by the police. When checking identifications, the passenger was found to have an outstanding felony warrant in Klickitat County. A bag of green, leafy, vegetable matter was found along with a glass pipe containing residue in the passenger side door. The suspect was booked into King County jail.