Northwest NEWS

February 12, 2001


New outdoor burning rules announced

The State of Washington and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency have changed the rules governing outdoor buring which impact the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District (WFLSD). These new rules became effective Jan. 1.
   The No Burn Zone has been extended to include all lands west of Avondale Road and Paradise Lake Road. This means persons living in this area will no longer be able to burn yard debris at any time. Property owners living east of Avondale Road and Paradise Lake Road will be allowed to burn yard debris only during specified spring and fall "Burn Seasons."
   These seasons are April 1-May 31, and Oct. 1-Nov. 30. Land clear burns will be able to burn only during these specified dates also.
   There is no charge for Residential Burn Permits; however Land Clear Permits cost $150.
   Persons who live within an approved burn zone and wish to burn must obtain a written Burn Permit, as well as copies of the rules from WFLSD. Residential burn permits are available at the district office and fire stations, but land clear burn permits must be obtained at the district headquarters only. For additional information, call WFLSD at (425) 483-2131 or Puget Sound Clean Air Agency at 1-800-552-3565.
   Their Web site is www.