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February 12, 2001

Local News

Room without a name

by Bronwyn Wilson
   WOODINVILLE - The new City Hall may have rooms with a garden view but it doesn't have a room with a name.
   The Executive Meeting Room where the City Council will hold their Executive Sessions is the last conference room at the new building that hasn't been given a name.
   Following a recent presentation to the Council on the naming of the rooms, the Council decided that the Executive Meeting Room will be named based upon community input.
   The Council has already approved the naming of four meeting rooms at the new City Hall. The names chosen reflect a local historical landmark.
   For example, the two smaller conference rooms on the main level of the Administration Building are designated the Sammamish Room and Little Bear Creek Room. The upstairs small conference room was named the Derby Room after Derby, a city in the early 1900s in the vicinity of Woodinville's current tourist district.
   The large conference room by the Executive Department is the Woodin Room named after Ira and Susan Woodin, the first to settle in Woodinville in 1881.
   But the Executive Meeting Room has remained nameless. The Woodinville City Council is asking the community for suggestions. The only requirement for the room's name is that it be a Woodinville landmark known for its historical heritage or environmental tradition and presence in the City.
   According to the City's Communications Coordinator Marie Stake, room names add character to the building as opposed to assigning room numbers.
   She also points out that the building belongs to the community, "This is a community building. As much support as we can get from the community brings ownership for them."
   City Hall will be closed March 8 and 9 in order to move. It will re-open at the new building on March 12. The Executive Meeting Room name will be unveiled at the March 31 dedication ceremony.
   Suggestions from all ages are welcome and will be accepted up to Feb. 28. The City Council will make the final decision.
   Send suggestions to: Linda Fava, City of Woodinville, 13203 NE 175th Street, Woodinville, WA 98072. Fax: (425)489-2705. E-mail: