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February 12, 2001

Local News

Conserve and save - city leads by example

BOTHELL - In crisis time, the City of Bothell highly encourages its citizens to join in the conservation efforts to save energy and water.
   Gov. Gary Locke recently ordered the Governor's Energy Supply Alert that advises Washington state and local government agencies to decrease total electricity and natural gas in government buildings by 10 percent for at least 90 days.
   The city has taken various steps to conserve in its facilities in most productive methods such as:
   * Using a light meter to identify unnecessary light fixtures.
   * Updating and balancing the heating/ventilation/air conditioning system.
   * Installing motion sensors in restrooms to turn lights on and off.
   * Using a weather station throughout city parks that is designed to optimize the amount of water used for irrigation, based on the various weather conditions.
   * Using photo lighting cells throughout city parks that maintain low light in darker areas.
   * Ensuring that all unnecessary equipment, including computers, is turned off after hours.
   * Reducing all thermostats during peak and non-peak hours.
   "It's vital we work collectively as a community especially in a crisis situation," said Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "If we all save a little bit everyday, we all win together."
   To learn more about conservation, contact the Energy Ideas Clearinghouse at 800-872-3568 or click on HYPERLINK