Northwest NEWS

February 12, 2001

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United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship winner adjusts to college life at the UW

by Tove Burhen
   Marc Medley, a 2000 graduate of Cedarcrest High School, is now a student at the University of Washington. Not yet sure of a major, he is exploring business and psychology with the possibility of having them as double majors. His high school classes in marketing and psychology gave him some introductory insight into these fields.
   So far Medley's classes included English composition, sociology problems, American popular songs, algebra, introduction to criminal justice and the history of American film. This spring he hopes to start his business and psychology classes.
   Medley said his grades so far are pretty good but he hopes to do better. "This is a lot different," he explained. "I need to get used to the system, we're on our own. Since professors lecture at their own pace instead of the way high school classes were (that was more at the students' pace), it's tougher. Reading for classes takes up so much time, with about 30 pages per class per night. Then there is the additional time studying for exams."
   Instead of living in a dorm, Marc shares an apartment in Totem Lake with two 1999 CHS grads. He wants to be closer to his job at the Carnation Golf Course. He is needed once in a while in the pro shop to register players. This will be his fourth year working there, starting when he was a high school sophomore. Next summer he will run a junior program for youth 7 to 15.
   In high school, Medley took part in varsity golf all four years. For three years he played baseball. Now he has little time for sports, but sometimes he works out or plays basketball at the university gym.
   On campus, Medley has made quite a few new friends and sees old classmates often. It's an interesting change from Cedarcrest days. Yet he returns to the area for Sunday dinners with his parents, keeping in touch with his family.
   Medley thanks the Carnation Elementary Parent-Teacher-Student Association for their recognition at graduation last June. The scholarship money was gratefully put toward tuition.
   The Riverview PTSAs are each a part of the United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation raising funds each year for awards. Groups, businesses and individuals are urged to donate to the foundation or to one of the scholarships, or to create a new award. For information call Anthony Smith, high school counselor, at (425) 788-0287 or Tove Burhen at (425) 788-1266.