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February 12, 2001

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TMS students recognized for WASL test scores

CARNATION In a recent assembly at Tolt Middle School, 42 eighth graders were recognized for their scores on the WASL test (Washington Assessment of Student Learning). The test is given yearly to fourth, seventh and tenth grade students who must meet state standards in reading, writing, math and listening in order to graduate.
   The following students met all four state standards: Nathen Bailey, Benjamin Brooks, Jason Clopper, Ana Cortez, Troy Costello, Tashina Crawford, Kelsey Devoille, Kimberly Drew, Diane Emmanuel, Aaron Gascoigne, Thomas Grady, Tabitha Gray, Kristina Haas, Candance Harter, Emily Hendrickson, Jessica Hornsby, Dannelle Howell, Kimberly Hunter, Tiphanie Jones, Mitchell Luce, Kaitlyn Martin, Diane McKenney, Dennis Nodell, Andrew Olsen, Jaclyn Olson, Laura Oxford, Simon Panek, April Parrish, Shantel Rasmussen, Karly Regalia, Brittany Richardson, Allison Rogers, Shannon Rohr, Rachel Schlechty, Michelle Scott, Kateen Solberg, Christopher Strodel, Betsy Westermann, Mira Whyman, Alexandra Williams, Monica Williams, Jillian Wolf.