Northwest NEWS

February 19, 2001


Now is a great time to have our voices heard

I am writing you in regard to the letter published in the Feb. 7 edition, with which I have a couple of bones of contention.
   First, I respect the writer's opinion that traffic is not the most important issue our state is currently facing. I'm sure there are some reading this paper who wholly agree with this sentiment.
   Personally, I'm pretty sure that anyone who has spent as much time as I crawling down 405 during rush hour might not concur, and as a frequent bus-rider, I most certainly don't believe public transit to be the answer to the problem.
   That said, we have a fantastic opportunity to have our voices heard right now.
   The State Legislature is currently in session and is in the process of formulating its budget priorities. Now is the time to lobby our lawmakers in Olympia.
   Thus, I would encourage the writer and others who have conscientious opinions on matters of our community and state's welfare to contact Rep. Kathy Lambert.
   My second issue is the subtle insinuation that Rep. Lambert puts paving roads and cutting taxes ahead of the needs of the poor in our community.
   Aside from the erroneous implicit connection he makes between the three issues, I find this disappointing and simply untrue. As a legislator, Lambert was a leading supporter for welfare reform, helping to move a large number of our brothers and sisters from the vicious cycle of government dependency to the dignity and freedom of work and a paycheck they can call their own.
   Chris Murray, junior, University of Washington