Northwest NEWS

February 19, 2001


Landowners and developers are not the problem

This is a rebuttal to the article "When the splashing was loud" on Jan. 29, 2001.
   The environmentalists are at it again. They never stop sounding like Chicken Little saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling.
   They keep repeating we're losing our salmon; our creeks and rivers are being destroyed by land owners and developers. The truth of the matter is our salmon runs ebb and flow depending on climate conditions and how many hurdles the salmon have to cross.
   But even if we have no more salmon coming up streams (which won't happen), the earth will continue to turn, the sun will come up, our lives will continue because humans go on.
   I live near Little Bear Creek and I've seen the salmon runs increase in the three years we've been here, but the wackos say we are losing our salmon gods and it's because of these evil land developers and land owners who have the nerve to wash their cars on their driveways and even fertilize their lawns.
   Who do they think they are? They should be put in jail and have their land taken from them. Don't they know they are destroying the salmon gods?
   I believe the real culprit is the national Marine Fisheries Agency who is part of the reason we have fewer salmon runs now than, say, 20 years ago.
   They won't enforce our 12-mile limit at sea, when foreign fishing trawlers lay out 2-50 miles of net and take vast quantities of salmon and other species of fish.
   The salmon that escape these predators have another hurdle. The Orca that patrol our inland waters in the pods of 5-10 or so are taking even more salmon, but people charter boats to watch our salmon being eaten and they marvel at how smart and beautiful the whales are, why they are so smart that if we could understand their squeaks and whistles we could learn so much.
   So you see, it's not land owners and developers that are the problem.
   Gene Kliews, Woodinville