Northwest NEWS

February 19, 2001

Local News

Seniors torch mortgage

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   CARNATION-It's everybody's dream to be debt-free when they retire. The Sno-Valley seniors are no different. And recently their dream came true when the seniors were presented with a $157,000 check to pay off the Sno-Valley Senior Center mortgage.
   The check came by way of Louise Miller, the King County Councilwoman whose idea it was to rid the center of its burdensome $1,750 monthly mortgage payment.
   She introduced the entire debt's sum into King County's 2001 budget.
   Of course she had a little help along the way: Councilman David Irons, for one, backed Miller's proposal 100 percent.
   And on Feb. 10, residents, staff and honored guests gathered to symbolically flambé the mortgage.
   Confetti fluttered, speeches were given and administrators felt, according to Pat Grant, center director, "a tremendous sense of relief.
   "This money represents a savings of $20,000 a year. We can certainly provide a lot more programming and services and, simply, keep the place going. It will make a big difference."