Northwest NEWS

February 19, 2001

Local News

Youth services get in gear

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   DUVALL - It was smiles all around when District 3 Councilwoman Louise Miller, on behalf of the Metropolitan King County Council, presented the city of Duvall with a Chevrolet Astro minivan recently.
   According to Judy Hart, legislative aide to Miller, for the past three or four years, all council members have been allotted two Metro Van Pool vans to give away per year, depending on availability, to whichever government or nonprofit group they select.
   The council hopes the surplus vans which would otherwise be sold or traded at around 60,000 miles can be used to alleviate transportation problems in rural areas.
   Connie Zimmerman, city of Duvall capital projects manager, said the city intends to use the van for youth and other community services in the Valley.
   "The city certainly wants to share the van with Friends of Youth and other organizations who wish to use it," said Zimmerman.
   Zimmerman also mentioned that the dilapidated bus parked behind the future Duvall Community Youth Center is now officially retired and will be removed.