Northwest NEWS

February 19, 2001


Puppets are teaching at Bear Creek


Bear Creek Elementary librarian Debbie Baily uses a dragon puppet to encourage creativity.

Performing for Northshore Elementary librarians recently, Bear Creek Elementary fourth-graders Regan McComb, Nicole Hill and Erika Hodges demonstrated some of the many ways that puppets can be used to enrich student-learning experiences. The young puppeteers used a variety of puppets to show how puppetry can be used to extend research projects, encourage reading, promote oral language development and enhance literature.
   Bear Creek librarian, Debbie Baily coached the team and believes puppetry encourages creativity and teamwork.
   Canyon Creek Elementary librarian Jeanne Johnson showed how she uses Huckleberry, a bear puppet, as a "host" in the library.
   The puppet plays an important role in the school community, greeting students and teaching appropriate behavior. He even has his picture in the yearbook.
   Cheryl Lamey, East Ridge librarian, and Mary Pumputis, Kenmore Elementary librarian, demonstrated the technique of using shadow puppets to share exciting tales from China.