Northwest NEWS

February 26, 2001


There's no reason not to be civil

I am writing in response to a letter that was written a few weeks ago suggesting that people who are trying to merge when their lane ends should not expect anyone to let them merge in. My question is, if we paid for two lanes with our taxes, why shouldn't we use both lanes? The road engineers, in their infinite wisdom, designed roads that feed two lanes of traffic into one.
   If we all line up in one lane and not use the other, we just cause traffic congestion in that one lane. The people whoare trying to turn from that lane are stuck in a traffic jam because everyone is too polite to use the other, perfectly good, lane in fear that they might offend someone.
   Yes, there are those aggressive drivers who rush up to the front of the line in the ending lane and push their way in front of everyone. We get that in many ways all the time. That's no reason why the rest of us can't be civil and use both lanes taking turns merging into the bottleneck.
   Joan Fleming, Woodinville