Northwest NEWS

February 26, 2001


There are useful lessons at the end of a shovel

I am 5 percent responsible for defeating the Cedarcrest athletic facilities bond, since I cast the 20th decisive vote. Here is what you can do to win my vote.
   Sell me on supporting a system I do not use. I attended private schools, and support private schools, yet I am taxed every year to educate other people's children. And you want more money?
   Give me background information, since I've lived in the Valley only four years. Not one article in The Valley View has even stated where Cedarcrest High School is. Triangulating on the whining, I assume Duvall. Got a Web site?
   Spell out the details of the projects, and itemize the costs. For example, backhoe rental plus operator at $300/day for 45 days. Then I can convince myself there is no mad money in the budget.
   Follow whining with action. Get the students physically involved in the construction. There are useful lessons our budding adults can learn at the long end of a shovel. Or is physical education concerned only with games?
   The 20th No vote,
   Doug Houck, Carnation