Northwest NEWS

February 26, 2001


Writer offers apology

I owe an apology to Nancy Hill and anyone else who thought my letter to the editor implied that I do not consider the deplorable state of our roads a serious concern.
   I hope and pray that her daughters fully recover from their terrible accident and as a parent who has lost a child, I can only sympathize with her family for having to endure the fallout from this tragedy.
   In my letter I was trying to convey my frustration with voters who deny our students a reasonable athletic facility for reasons unrelated to the issue.
   Voting "no" for athletic fields will not fix our roads, nor will it stop the need for our children to have to travel back and forth within our district for activities. Voting "no" will not move the high school nor will it magically make Tolt a high school again.
   Ms. Hill is absolutely correct in stating that all residents of the Riverview School District need to unite to get King County government to do something about our roads.
   Every day our school buses travel on hazardous roads like Novelty Hill, Stillwater Hill, Batten Road and many more too numerous count.
   In addition our government could care less that all of the students and staff of Tolt Middle School and Carnation Elementary are to use a gravel road little better than a goat track to evacuate the whole town in case of dam failure. Yet these same representatives are more than willing to give 34 million dollars for improvements to Novelty Hill Road between Redmond Ridge and Avondale, a traffic problem created by the huge developments that King County approved without requiring the developers to pay for the costs of their impacts on traffic.
   Not only do I advocate for our students to have proper facilities for their education, I also advocate for better roads and have attended numerous hearings to try to get our government to realize the danger we face every day when we leave our driveways, and I will continue to do so.
   Again I apologize to Ms. Hill and her family for any pain I may have caused them and, believe me, I do consider our roads a serious issue.
   Kate Miller, Carnation