Northwest NEWS

February 26, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Guest Editorial

*We as a family wanted to bring an upcoming event to the community's attention - the week of February 25-March 3 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Taxpayers will be the ones to pay.

*I, David Callon, resigned my position as fire commissioner effective Dec. 19, 2000, because I am moving out of the state of Washington. It has been an honor to serve the taxpayers as a Fire Commissioner and I am proud of the quality of our fire services and the dedication of our fire fighters.

There's no reason not to be civil.

*I am writing in response to a letter that was written a few weeks ago suggesting that people who are trying to merge when their lane ends should not expect anyone to let them merge in.

There are useful lessons at the end of a shovel

*I am 5 percent responsible for defeating the Cedarcrest athletic facilities bond, since I cast the 20th decisive vote. Here is what you can do to win my vote.

Why is outdoor burning no longer allowed on Hollywood Hill?

*A copy of a letter sent to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and Dept. of Ecology

Writer offers apology

*I owe an apology to Nancy Hill and anyone else who thought my letter to the editor implied that I do not consider the deplorable state of our roads a serious concern.

Programs and jobs are cut as taxes go up.

*County Executive Ron Sims has announced that as many as 500 county jobs could be cut, while other entire programs could be whacked to make up a projected $36 million shortfall in the 2002 county budget.

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