Northwest NEWS

February 26, 2001


Miniature masterpieces


Original oil painting by Linda Bean.

featured at Bothell gallery
   During the month of March, a group of local artists are thinking small. For the third year, they are collaborating in a group exhibit of miniature and small paintings at Kaewyn Gallery in downtown Bothell.
   The tradition of miniature paintings dates back to the Middle Ages when tin portraits were painted and used for identification. In this exhibit "miniature paintings" must not exceed 25 square inches in area. Many are far smaller.
   A wide variety of styles and media are represented in the show. Photography and three-dimensional works are not allowed.
   In addition to the miniature, a collection of small paintings are also on display. The small paintings are restricted to an image of no more than 80 square inches, excluding the frame.
   Participating artists will include Lilyan Adatto, Rosemary Antel, Suzanne Albright, Linda Bean, Liz Briars, Julie Creighton, Nicky Dally, Beverly Fotheringham, Paulette Johnson, Dona Lander, Elaine Mahler, Sue McColl, Pam Mitchell, and Rita Nicoll, Donna Jean Perry, Sharon Tietjen-Pratt, Nancy Rood, and more.
   An opening reception will be held Friday, March 2, from 5 to 8 p.m. Kaewyn Gallery is located at 18104 102nd Ave. NE in downtown Bothell. Further information may be obtained by calling (425) 483-7385.