Northwest NEWS

February 26, 2001

Local News

City Hall fills out Change of Address card

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   The devil is in the details and city of Woodinville employees will testify to it. As the city's move to its new City Hall approaches, employees have to-do lists aplenty.
   That's not say they'll be playing Atlas, moving City Hall on their own shoulders. There is a move committee, a computer committee. Everyone, in fact, has an assignment.
   And, there will be professional movers to hoist the heavy stuff.
   As communications coordinator, Marie Stake has tried her best to get the word out. The city has placed ads in newspapers, mentioned the move to walk-in customers, sent flyers with accounts payables and attached them to permits issued.
   Staff have been given postcards to mail to clients. Vendors have been contacted. The city's home page has a blurb about it. So do staff e-mail pages.
   And the message? City Hall is moving. City offices will be closed Thursday, March 8, and Friday, March 9, when the actual transfer of contents takes place.
   On Monday, March 12, the new City Hall will be open for business at 17301 - 133rd Avenue NE, roughly one block south of the former City Hall.
   But what if someone doesn't hear or read the message? City employees have thought of that too. For one, there will be new City Hall signs posted downtown. Also, there will be a banner hung outside the old City Hall, pointing the way to the new. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce and three members of the recreation department will remain located in the old building.
   So the door won't be locked and windows won't be boarded up.
   The building will exist as a community center of sorts until its ultimate function is decided.
   Computers, obviously, are the backbone of city office infrastructure and they'll be making the move along with everything and everyone else.
   "Servers will be shut down and moved to the new building on Wednesday, March 7," said Stake.
   Once the server system is restored, the 60 to 70 city computers will be chaperoned to the new site by Information Systems Manager Sam Mehrabian and four members of the computer committee, then reconnected. This group will also move and hook up the 65-phone communication system.
   City phone numbers, by the way, will not be changed. The city's e-mail address, however, will. It will be
   On Thursday, March 8, there will be a flurry of activity. The executive and administrative departments will shift quarters.
   Professional movers will carry file cabinets, boxes and furnishings (though not a lot of furniture will be making the move since new furniture has been purchased.)
   "Individuals will be asked to carry any personal belongings, plants, breakables," said Linda Fava, executive secretary and move coordinator.
   On Friday, the permit center, parks and recreation, planning and public works departments will follow suit. So, too, will the police department and the fire marshall.
   Callers to City Hall on these two days of commotion will receive a voice mail message asking for their name and number. Staff will get back to them.
   "But 9-1-1 service will not be interrupted," said Sgt. Ken Wardstrom of the Woodinville Police Department.
   For police non-emergency matters, citizens are asked to call (206) 296-3311.
   "This is a 24-hour number and should be used even after the move is completed," Wardstrom said, explaining this number provides a guaranteed way of getting through to the police, eliminating the lag-time involved with voice messages at City Hall.
   In all, 66 people will be making the move to the new facility. They will be bidding farewell to the 65-year-old building, saying adieu to the clanging pipes, cluttered hallways, the rooms that are either too hot or too cold.
   "Everybody is anxious to leave," said Fava. We like the old girl. We hope there's a use for her ... we're curious what kind of landmark [she] will represent for the city."