Northwest NEWS

March 5, 2001


'There's no place like school'

I was a lucky enough parent to be present at Hollywood Hill Elementary at 10:55 a.m. on Wednesday's real duck and cover drill. As the earthquake began, I was able to share the doorway with the Command Chief, Principal Barb Warberg, and Command Center Nurse, Peggy Sturm-VanderPol. I was thoroughly impressed from the first duck and cover call to the calm evacuation of 425 students.
   Once out of the building, the staff, students and a student support team knew their jobs: anything from handing out warm sweaters to simple first aid.
   Woodinville Fire and Life Safety were on the scene within minutes surveying damage (thank God there was none) and left knowing that this school had successfully exercised what it had planned for diligently.
   Of course, my children wanted to go home when we were given the okay to return to the classroom. I knew in my heart at that moment that "there's no place like school" and verbalized it to many children on their way back to the classroom.
   I would like to applaud Northshore School District, Hollywood Hill Elementary and the PTA (who offers supplies and education) for a job well done during what could have been a very serious situation.
   Theresa Tollefson, Woodinville