Northwest NEWS

March 5, 2001


Crosswalk is not clearly marked

(Copy of a letter sent to Woodinville City Council)
   On several occasions I have had the misfortune, and also witnessed others having the same problem, with the crosswalk which is behind the Red Robin leading across to the Target store located in approximately the middle of that block between the two traffic lights.
   The only obvious indication that there is a crosswalk is a difference in the color of the pavement.
   There are no lights, no painted lines on the cement, the landscaping does not indicate you should be aware, nothing to warn you that people could be crossing.
   On a couple of incidents I have suddenly realized there are people crossing and had to come to a sudden stop and have witnessed others in the same situation.
   Although I am aware that it is there, because of the way it is designed it is a serious problem and I am afraid someone is going to be injured.
   I feel that this needs to be looked into and something done to help that area. Because of its location there are great numbers of kids that use it going between the two shopping centers and they just cross.
   They assume you know it is there and there is no problem with it. I don't believe this is the case and think it warrants a change or looking into.
   I would appreciate your attention and response to this matter. Thank you for your time and consideration.
   Mary Baum, Woodinville