Northwest NEWS

March 5, 2001


Residents have come to rely on Medic One

I was shocked and disappointed to learn that Evergreen Hospital Medical Center is planning to discontinue Medic One service because the administration believes it has cost $3 million allocated by King County to operate the two Medic One units.
   Perhaps the administration could sharpen their pencils a bit and do some belt tightening or allot fewer costs to administer this valued community program.
   The program was put together 25 years ago at the request of the fire departments in the hospital tax district due to the inherent difficulties of five different entities trying to operate and fund such a program.
   The per annum cost of the special levy at that time was $240,000 and voters passed it by over 90 percent.
   If all else should fail, just a little of the $10 million in tax money expected to be collected this year by Evergreen Hospital Medical Center would cover any apparent shortage of funds.
   The people of Kirkland, Bothell, Redmond, Kenmore and Woodinville have come to rely on this valuable service provided by their taxes and Evergreen Hospital Medical Center.
   David Asmussen D.O., former director Evergreen Emergency Department, former Medic One director