Northwest NEWS

March 5, 2001


'Road Warrior' drivers (remember that movie?)

Today I saw yet another driver pass aggressively in a no-passing zone on a rural two-lane road (Woodinville-Duvall Road). I am seeing this more and more these days.
   Please, if you find yourself engaging in rude or aggressive driving behavior out of frustration or for whatever reason, think about the real benefits and costs of that behavior.
   The math says that if you drive 20 miles at 50 mph instead of 45 mph, you save a grand total of 2 minutes 40 seconds. If you manage 55 mph, your savings jump to almost 5 whole minutes (an eternity, to be sure).
   Balance that against the risk to your own safety and that of everyone in your vehicle, the risk to others' safety, and the contribution you are making to changing Duvall from a nice, polite town to a dog-eat-dog pit where everyone hates everyone else, and people start counting the days until they can move to a nicer city somewhere else.
   Karen Williams, Duvall