Northwest NEWS

March 5, 2001


Neonatal intensive care nursery at Evergreen approved

Evergreen Hospital Medical Center has received approval from the state of Washington to provide Level III neonatal intensive care nursery services, until now not available east of Lake Washington.
   Expected to open in January 2002, Evergreen's neonatal intensive care nursery will provide a higher level of care to the community's high-risk mothers and their infants and allow them to stay closer to home rather than be transferred to a Seattle hospital.
   "Our request to provide neonatal intensive care services is rooted in our philosophy of patient-centered care through advanced medical solutions and will allow us to serve those infants and families that are at greatest risk in our community ..." said Andrew Fallat, Evergreen CEO.
   Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center and the University of Washington Academic Medical Center, joined in support of Evergreen's application and will provide clinical services and participate in training the Evergreen staff.
   Evergreen's neonatal intensive care nursery features a single-room model of care that includes parental rooming-in.
   "In this model, the higher-risk or premature infant stays in its own room with space for parents to stay overnight, a stay which can last several weeks.
   "The typical 'NICU' puts babies together in large wards, where the noise and constant activity can extend the recovery period ..." describes Stephen Chentow, MD, Medical Director of Evergreen's Special Care Nursery.