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March 5, 2001

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County begins

home inspections
   The King County Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES) is working to respond to inspection requests for buildings throughout unincorporated King County sustaining earthquake damage.
   Customers should call (206) 296-6630 to schedule a damage inspection. During weekends and off-hours, customers can also call (206) 296-6635. Weekend and off-hour calls will be returned the following business day. Customers concerned about utilities servicing specific structures should call the pertinent utility company.
   The highest priority inspections have been critical facilities such as hospitals, schools and government facilities. However, DDES is equipped to handle residential and commerical building inspections as well. (For details on fees, see the DDES web page at
   DDES recommends having your home inspected if you see any of the following conditions:
   Earth settlement or displacement near or around foundation footing; cracking or other evidence of failure in footings or foundation walls; shifting of the structure away from concrete foundations; substantial settlement of building structure; walls with major cracking in drywall posts or beams; major deflection, settlement, or substantial cracking in ceilings.