Northwest NEWS

March 12, 2001


Every child deserves the same opportunities

In response to the gentleman who was the 20th "No" vote for Riverview Athletic Fields and PE facility at Cedarcrest High School, I was greatly disappointed in his overall view of life. He lives in the valley, has his children in private school, attended private school himself and does not like to pay for other people's children's education.
   How extremely sad. Letters written with such an opinion frustrate the majority of people in this valley who love all children, not just their own.
   I can afford to put my children in private school, but I want them in Riverview School District. As a past employee and involved parent, I know first-hand the quality of education my children and valley children are receiving. I love my community and many times will pay for other people's children to go on field trips or help with fund-raisers for all grade levels. My neighbors' children, or children of friends in Carnation, all deserve my love and commitment to enrich their lives. We are a community. The old phrase "no man is an island" holds especially true in this valley.
   Does this man's children play sports? Maybe in the valley, maybe not, but most parents let their children play to learn about the sport and team playing - a good recreation for building strength of character and relationships. Every child deserves the same opportunities.
   The needed athletic fields at Cedarcrest would provide the community with additional fields that would be there to further the team building and education of valley children. It is still mind boggling that people can turn their backs on children when a small price would ensure the quality of education and overall life.
   The Riverview School Board has all bonds (those few remaining) structured out up to 20 years to keep the overall tax burden to taxpayers to about as little as $5 of constant taxpayer support per $1,000.
   Didn't know that? Can't understand it? Ask. Let them show you.
   If you think you pay hundreds of dollars or more than your share, you are misinformed.
   This gentleman wanted convincing he should help pay for this facility. Maybe if joined his neighbors and community members in working toward a better life for everyone, he would feed his soul and help all children live a better life.
   Becky Nixon, Duvall