Northwest NEWS

March 12, 2001


Money should go to academics

In the zest from a few go-getters to get a state- of-the-art stadium at Cedarcrest High School, they seem to forget how many thousands of dollars it costs each time you go to the voters begging for the Yes vote. That money could have been put to better use in the academic department. In their plea, academics is never mentioned.
   A recent letter writer can't decide whom to blame for the continued failures of five bond issues. She bounces from the parents of all Riverview students to Duvall voters to the administration, teachers and coaches.
   Several months ago the school board mentioned the fact that other school districts have new stadiums, but they did not go to the taxpayers for money.
   Possibly the writer would be happier if she put her energy into investigating how this was done. Maybe she can have some success at that venture.
   Cedarcrest High School is eight years old; in that time with a little ingenuity those people that are hot for a stadium could have explored grants, gifts, etc. Obviously there is not an overwhelming support for the stadium. If there was, it would have passed a long time ago.
   Parents and students should be appalled at still being in the KingCo League. Sure the schools in that league want CHS in. It is an easy win for them. The people that put CHS in that league should hang their heads in shame. The student athletes were not even in their thoughts. All they were concerned with was money. Would a new gym help the boy's basketball record? It would not. Morale is bad at CHS and will be as long as they continue in this league.
   Jacci Heuberger, Duvall