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March 12, 2001

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Lucky Irish Folklore

From Wilton Enterprises
   The Blarney Stone
   Pucker up and get lucky if you kiss the famous stone set in the wall of the Blarney Castle! Legend has it that an old woman cast a lucky spell on the stone wall to reward the king who saved her life. Kissing the stone will bring the kisser persuasive eloquence and good luck. Kissers must lie on their back while bending backwards to reach the lucky stone. Ouch!
   Once a sacred plant of the Druids of Ireland, the shamrock is still an important Irish symbol. The shamrock is said to represent the cross and holy trinity. St. Patrick once illustrated the trinity by picking a shamrock from the ground around his feet and showing his followers. Today, all shamrocks are seen as lucky - but the finders of a four leaf clover will have the biggest windfall!
   What's ugly, 2-feet tall, wears a leather apron and is terribly mean spirited? No it's not your mother in law ... it's none other than the legendary leprechuan!
   According to folklore, leprechuans are aloof little men who spend most of their time making shoes. Treasure seekers will listen for the sound of a shoemaker's hammer to catch a leprechuan. Why hunt leprechuans? Because each leprechuan possesses a hidden pot of gold!
   If a leprechuan is caught, he can be forced to tell where he hides his treasure - but keep your eyes on him at all times. Don't be tricked to look away or the sneaky, tiny man will disappear and the treasure will be safe once again!