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March 12, 2001

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Gloria Judd to retire from City Hall post


Gloria Judd.
Lisa Allen.

by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL - Six administrations have come and gone since Gloria Judd started working at City Hall. Starting in utilities billing in 1967, later becoming city clerk, she has manned the front desk so long that it seems almost incomprehensible that she will no longer be at her post after the end of this week.
   But Gloria says it's time to retire and enjoy life. She doesn't have to leave her job, but she's been at it a long time. And, husband Ron's health has not been good. So, she says, it's time to take it easy, catch up on some reading, and spend some quality time at home.
   "She's been our foundation ‹ our 'rock'," said Deputy Clerk Jodee Schwinn. "She is cheerful, easygoing and very helpful. But mostly, she is always calm, even if the rest of us are running around in a panic. We will definitely miss her."
   Schwinn and the staff, though, have made sure that their former colleague won't be left out if any big decisions need to be made.
   "We have her number on the telephone speed dial, just in case," joked Schwinn.
   Gloria and Ron have lived in Duvall since New Year's Day, 1960, moving here from Moses Lake six months after they were married. Ron's parents, Lloyd and Margaret, had settled in the town a few months before. Ron was working at Boeing in Moses Lake, so it was simple to make the transfer.
   When Gloria first began to do the city's part-time utility billing, Duvall's population was about 500. City Hall was open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10-4, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. It was located where it is now, but in a small office in a concrete block building. Actually, Gloria was fortunate in that she actually had an office to work in. Her predecessor, Marilyn Herzog, did the city's utility billing out of her home.
   James Q. Wallace was mayor then. He was followed by Bill Breen (1968), Lloyd Judd ('69), Erv Harder ('75), Jeane Baldwin ('85), Erv Harder ('89) and current Mayor Glen Kuntz ('93).
   Gloria had two small children ‹Janice and Ron ‹ when she began work. She worked for about a year until her third child, Linda, was born in 1968. After that, she quit for awhile, returning later to again do the part-time utility billing.
   But as the town grew, her duties became more involved. Her title went from town clerk to deputy clerk-treasurer, to city clerk-treasurer, then finally to full-time city clerk. She had to give up the treasury duties when the city's finances became more complex.
   The clerk's duties include keeping the records, the City Council minutes, attending meetings, organizing the City Council packet, archiving, and helping citizens at the counter.
   She recalls being city clerk when her father-in-law was mayor.
   "It was different, but really no big deal," she said.
   It's been "the perfect job," she said, since she lives only five blocks from City Hall, adding that there have been some stressful times, but it has been a lot of fun, too.
   "People are funny," she said. "They call to complain or make excuses for not paying their utility bills. It's been interesting. I will miss the people and activities."
   Schwinn, who has worked side by side with her for over six years, will be taking over as city clerk.
   "Jodee is really capable," Gloria said. "It is comforting to know that she is taking over, so I don't have to worry about that."
   Mayor Glen Kuntz has proclaimed Friday, March 16, as Gloria Judd Day. An open house will be held in her honor at City Hall. Visitors are invited to stop by City Hall to say goodbye, sign a scrapbook and enjoy refreshments.