Northwest NEWS

March 19, 2001


Commissioners are committed to wise and efficient use of taxpayers' money

As one of the four commissioners of the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District who are so frequently maligned and so thoroughly detested by ex-Commissioner Callon, I feel obliged to finally respond to his latest letter. This is despite the fact that the other commissioners wanted to ignore his letters.
   The reasons for the increases in the district's budget (the sizes of which are distorted by Callon) were and are to rebuild the reserves so essential to operations.
   These reserves were virtually depleted by previous boards, largely under the influence of Callon.
   If they are not quickly rebuilt, we will not be able to replace very expensive apparatus as scheduled (two pumpers and one ladder truck in the next three years), and our service ratings could well be lowered for use of worn-out equipment. This could cause your insurance premiums to increase.
   It is not likely that the remaining four commissioners would approve expenditures that we didn't consider essential to provide the services for which our district citizens are entitled.
   Three of us are retired and on fixed incomes from pensions and savings. And we certainly didn't seek these positions for the pay, which is very low for the effort we devote. We all took these positions as a service to our community, and if you recall, I personally promised one thing - that I would use every bit of my education and experience to influence the wise and efficient use of the taxpayers' money (including my own).
   I am certain that the rest of the commissioners have the same commitment.
   Roy Bleikamp, Woodinville