Northwest NEWS

March 19, 2001


Questions answered by student, athlete and community member

I am responding to a certain person who has written referring to himself proudly as "The 20th no vote" concerning the CHS athletic bond. Win your vote you say? Here's what you can to do to win my respect.
   First of all, you ask to be sold on a system you do not use. I'm sincerely happy for you, good job. You have enough money to send your children to private school. The sad thing is that many parents do not; I don't. I personally believe that when you move into a community you have two choices: you can either turn the other cheek and pretend not to be affected by what goes on within it or lend a helping hand to preserve the wholeness of the area you call home.
   It's your choice to send your kids to private school and spend the extra money. Maybe instead of shunning public schools (they aren't bad - I attend one) perhaps you should take advantage of the facilities provided and work to improve them, thus eliminating the need for private schools altogether.
   It's people like yourself who keep public schools at the level they currently are. Also, I think that you're altogether incorrect when you state that you "do not use" the system. It is a fact that the majority of the nation is educated through the public school system. That means that these same kids that attend the schools you "do not use" are going to be the same citizens who when grown will form the basis of our great nation. These people from the system you "do not use" are going to be working right beside your own children in maintaining our country.
   Their business will support your economy; their laws will govern your everyday life; their taxes will even pay your very own social security.
   Of your second inquiry, I'm happy to inform you that Cedarcrest High School is located at the top of 150th in Duvall. Drop by and visit it someday. It's not such a bad place, although obviously lacking in athletic facilities. I'm not going to lie to you though, it does worry me greatly that you remain so detached from your community that you had to ask for this information at all, especially after living in the vicinity for "only four years."
   As for a Web page dedicated to Cedarcrest, yes, one does exist. Send your surfing in its direction by visiting any one of the numerous free search engines (Yahoo, Hotbot, MSN, etc.). Then just type in "Cedarcrest High School" under "search" and you've found it.
   Unfortunately, I can't help you too much on your next request. I cannot spell out in detail how the money granted for the fields would be used down to the last bulldozer; I'm not an expert on the subject.
   One fact I do know is that my track team has to pay $60 a day to commute a total of 40 minutes to use Woodinville High School's track (that their community was kind enough to provide for them) and run in the dark up to three school nights a week.
   Finally, if asked I'm sure that many athletes wouldn't have a problem helping out with the construction of the fields. In fact, last year through the combined efforts (financial and physical) of the athletes and parents we were able to construct the practice soccer field that we currently use. However, it does become hard to help out when one is not trained in that particular area of expertise (such as constructing a stadium) and even more difficult to assist in building something when there is nothing to build with.
   So there it is. I hope I've helped answer all your questions. I've honestly given it my best shot. Are you still interested in winning my respect? I have one last request of my own: Please don't refer to yourself as "The 20th no vote" anymore.
   Cedarcrest High School student, athlete, and community member,
   Erin Kendig, Duvall