Northwest NEWS

March 19, 2001


New growth will create higher demand

With the pending water and energy crisis that will hit us this summer, there's one call I've not yet heard from any of our "responsible" state or county leaders to ease the coming discomfort, rationing, and conservation. Where is the common sense plea to suspend all new construction, along with its new water and power hook-ups, until we resolve this situation?
   I know, I know. We live in a state, and particularly in a county where developers control planning departments and pull the strings that control our elected leaders.
   But I just hope people remember when their lawns are drying up with skyrocketing water bills, and their power bills are shooting through the roof while they're shutting off air conditioners and hot tubs, that new growth will be continuing to create higher and higher demand for our limited resources.
   For example, within months Redmond Ridge will be adding 1,000 new water and power customers that will directly impact our already overwhelmed water and energy systems.
   But don't expect to hear any calls for them to stop or suspend their construction. Instead, we'll all be forced to sacrifice and then pay more for it.
   Michael Costello, Redmond