Northwest NEWS

March 19, 2001


Liberalism are cause of society's ills

Liberals and their ideals have been the leading force in the destruction of our society and the youth violence we've seen recently at Mardi Gras, Santana High, and WTO. How is this possible do you ask?
   Liberals are responsible for the lack of discipline in our schools. They have pushed the ideas that you shouldn't discipline kids especially any physical discipline. They have fostered the ideas that you shouldn't trust people in authority. When I was in school all the teachers had a ruler or a paddle. If you misbehaved you bent over and got a few well deserved whacks and you got a few more from your parents when you got home. For serious misbehavior you were expelled. When administrators try to discipline students now they face law suits, charges of disporportionality, and parents that believe school officials are lying. Parents can't accept their kid may be a troublemaker. The kids now know they can mouth off to teachers, assault other students, and get away with it. We have taught them you don't have to behave or respect authority.
   We can teach about homosexuality in our schools. We can teach about sex and drugs. But heaven help the teacher who tries to talk about morality and woe if mentions anything about God. The ACLU and the Liberals go nuts if a few kids want to meet after school to study the bible. Our youths are not being taught any values. Can you really expect them to behave in a civilized manner?
   Liberals feel that breaking society's laws is appropriate if you are staging a protest for a good cause. Just look at how they behaved at WTO. They blocked streets, blocked sidewalks, stopped delegates from getting to their meetings, broke windows, and vandalized businesses. Look at the environmentalists burning ski lodges in Colorado. Liberals believe all this is appropriate if the cause is right regardless of whether it violates our laws. When the police tried to arrest them they became enraged. The crowd at Mardi Gras felt they could disregard the laws as well. If the WTO protestors can get away with it why can we?
   Back in college most of my Liberal friends thought that doing drugs was the groovy thing to do. Most advocated that drugs should be decriminalized and many continue to use drugs. This has lead to a couple generations of people that feel there is nothing wrong with doing drugs. No wonder our youth get involved in drugs they have excellent role models.
   Our Liberal entertainment industry glorifies violence, drugs, sex, and gangs in our movies, television shows, video games, and music. Do we honestly don't think this influences how our youth think and behave? Going out a blowing away your enemies is what they see in the movies and hear in their music.
   Black Liberal community leaders support gangs and gang violence. Whenever police try to suppress gangs the black leaders come forth to lambaste the police for persecuting black youth. (The cops know who are the troublemakers and the gang members are.) Once again we are sending the message that violence and crime are acceptable. Gang members know the black community leaders will defend and support them.
   Liberals and their gay allies are trying to destroy the Boy Scouts by getting funding revoked because the Scouts refuse to accept the Liberal view that homosexual behavior is moral. They would rather eliminate a positive program for kids that helps them to grow up to be decent members of society. We lose another chance to positively influence kids due to Liberals.
   Because of Liberals we are getting the drug infested and violence ridden society we deserve. Until good people start standing up and demand that our laws be enforced, that we expect our youth to adhere to our society's ideals, that we teach our youth morals, and we support positive youth programs our society will continue to disintegrate.
   Gerod Wattier, Carnation