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March 19, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Commissioners are committed to wise and efficient use of taxpayers' money

*As one of the four commissioners of the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District who are so frequently maligned and so thoroughly detested by ex-Commissioner Callon, I feel obliged to finally respond to his latest letter. This is despite the fact that the other commissioners wanted to ignore his letters.

Questions answered by student, athlete and community member

*I am responding to a certain person who has written referring to himself proudly as "The 20th no vote" concerning the CHS athletic bond. Win your vote you say? Here's what you can to do to win my respect.

Children must not only feel safe, they must be safe.

* (Copy of an e-mail sent to State Representative Laura Ruderman regarding proposed state law outlawing bullying)

Don't forget the French Revolution

*In the March 5 letter to the editor, a writer describes a pizza dinner for which three friends pay $3 and one friend pays $10.

Water quality, quantity determines how we live

*This letter is being written in response to the letter titled "Landowners and developers are not the problem." The writer clearly is not looking at the big picture when he postulates his theories regarding the salmon issue.

Writer is walking to honor courage and fight breast cancer

* I've made a commitment to a very special and powerful event in the fight against breast cancer. The weekend of Aug. 10th, I will be participating in the first Seattle Avon's Breast Cancer 3 Day.

New growth will create higher demand

*With the pending water and energy crisis that will hit us this summer, there's one call I've not yet heard from any of our "responsible" state or county leaders to ease the coming discomfort, rationing, and conservation.

The Quadrant Corporation

*The Quadrant Corporation is once again embroiled in a battle to continue its attempts to pave even more of Novelty Hill. Now the issue is whether or not a few thousand more cars per day might cause traffic gridlock on Avondale Road and the other arterials that will feed the ever- growing monster.

Liberalism are cause of society's ills

* Liberals and their ideals have been the leading force in the destruction of our society and the youth violence we've seen recently at Mardi Gras, Santana High, and WTO. How is this possible do you ask?

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